Consumer standpoint: Why transparency matters?

Transparency in the fashion industry is much more than a trendy hashtag. This movement is a response to a bigger issue: inequality. Unfortunately, this is nothing new. For many years, both companies and consumers have chosen to ignore this inequality because they mistakenly believe they will not be directly affected. As consumers, we DO have the potential to dictate the future of fashion by the choices we make.

Transparency also holds brands accountable; allowing for clarity on the areas where changes need to be made in the system.

Changing the system is just one small step towards a long-lasting, consistent fashion system that respects human rights and the environment.
We should strive for an industry that functions in harmony with both the environment and the people, instead of fighting against it.

Transparency is certainly not a solution, but a transition. By being more transparent, brands give consumers the choice to fully understand what and from who we are buying. If we buy from brands that do not support human rights and the environment, we are choosing not to support these noble causes. Where we put our money, we put our vote. After all, as consumers, we have the potential to dictate the future of fashion with the choices we make. Let’s make the right choice. If not for our generation, for the generations yet to come.