Let’s not sugarcoat the obvious. Winter has always been a nightmare! Sure, we can talk about how pretty the snow looks when it dangles from the trees, and how pretty the Xmas lights are. But, the truth is that it’s dark before you leave for work, and dark after you clock out for the day. The only time the sun peeks her bright head is when we’re buried in a pile of paperwork, in an office we don’t want to be in. There’s a lack of Vitamin D, which we all need.

Normal winters are tough enough, but this one was spectacularly brutal. COVID has created a climate where, even during our toughest season, we can’t have that relief of grabbing a pint of beer or a bite to eat with our friends. If we weren’t cooped up enough during a “regular” winter, we’ve been caged like abused animals forced to endure long days and nights with minimal, if any, contact with the outside world. You know that life is rough when you actually miss going into the office!

At STARDOG, we want you to realize that there is a light at the end-of-the-tunnel. Our team hopes that our comfortable, durable, sustainable hemp clothing has at least kept you feeling cozy indoors. But we’re looking forward to taking those same clothes that made you feel calm at home; to the streets, parks and jogging paths outdoors. Simply put, it’s time to take your loungewear and make it your active wear. That doesn’t mean you have to pound the pavement for a jog, or even a walk. Just get outside in your comfies, and make the outdoor space feel the same way as your inner space felt. Only this time, you have fresh air. Just because we live in crazy times, doesn’t mean you have to change your dress code.
STARDOG. Same attitude. Indoors and Out.