Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Do good and feel good with our 2021 Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 

With the holidays just around the corner we decided to create a roundup of our favourite holiday gift ideas. From cork yoga mats to sustainable loungewear, we have the must-haves for sustainable gift giving this holiday season.

Cork Yoga Mat - Scoria 
Living Composter¬†‚Äď Uncommon Goods¬†
All Natural Skincare - MIND Naturals 
Hemp Harness - EarthDog 
Hemp Loungewear ‚ÄstStardog¬†Loungewear¬†
Compostable¬†Phone Case¬†‚ÄstPela¬†
Furoshiki Reusable Gift Wrapping Cloth - Anthropologie 

Cork Yoga Mat - Scoria 

 Perfect for the yogis in your life, cork yoga mats are made out of oak tree bark which, when harvested sustainably, grows back very quickly - making this the perfect gift for that eco-conscious yogi.  We’ve been swooning over these mats by Scoria, a Canadian-based sustainable yoga brand that offers a unique, slip-resistant cork yoga mat with unique art designs on it. In comparison to PVC, Scoria yoga mats saves 3,600 glasses of water, gas emissions of about 39 miles of drive, and 23kg of petro-chemicals.  #SustainableGiving 

Living Composter¬†‚Äď Uncommon Goods


We all know food waste is a major problem, especially in North America. This is why we are loving what UncommonGoods is doing with this Living Composter. This scientifically designed chic composter will make you compost your food, instead of throwing it away. All you have to do is add your food scraps (and...worms - not included) to this odorless composter and watch it turn into fertilizer! The composter can process over two pounds of food a week, enough to keep up with most (or all) of the scraps in a two- or three-person household.  According to the Envrionmental Protection Agency, composting not only enriches the soil, but also reduces methane emissions from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint.  

All-natural skincare - MIND Naturals 


Calling all green beauty aficionados!¬†Give the gift of nourishment this holiday season with this all natural, organic, skincare line by¬†MIND Naturals.¬†Founded by former Miss Universe,¬†Paulina Vega, this line offers it all. From¬†moisturizers, to eye creams, to face masks, to reusable cotton pads ‚Äď these products are as luxurious as they are sustainable.¬†With a focus on your skin and the planet, this cruelty-free, paraben-free,¬†and¬†antioxidant-rich¬†skincare line brings the best of the best to your daily routine. All of their products are either made with plant or sugar-based materials and are recyclable, ensuring a minimal¬†carbon footprint.¬†¬†

Hemp Harness - EarthDog 


Tis’ the season to shop small and spoil your pup! Our furry friends are always on the top of our minds during the holiday season, and there’s simply no better time to spoil your pooch than at Christmas time! Whether your pup has been naughty or nice, they will look as chic as can be in this hemp harness by EarthDog. Comes in a variety of colours and designs, EarthDog’s decorative hemp harnesses are manufacturing from 100% hemp webbing. Unlike nylon or other synthetic materials, hemp softens with wear making these hemp dog harnesses the absolute most comfortable choice for your doggo. Hemp is also hypo-allergenic, so if your pup has sensitive skin we recommend switching from your traditional harness to one made with hemp!  

Bonus: 10% of all proceeds fund spay and neuter programs! 

Hemp Shoes & Loungewear ‚ÄstStardog¬†Loungewear


Keeping on the trend of hemp-based fashion, we might as well plug some of the sustainable, yet fashionable, items we have here at Stardog Loungewear! Our hemp-based collection will not only bring out the comfort for everyday use, but will leave you wondering why you’ve been wearing anything else. From espadrille-inspired shoes and sneakers; to boyfriend hoodies and ultra-comfortable joggers, each piece features style and durability made with climate-responsive fabrics like 100% organic hemp, organic cotton, natural rubber, recycled coffee, and tencel. 

Bonus: For every purchase made on the Stardog website (over $90 USD), the Stardog team will plant a tree on your behalf. Learn more about our partnership with Bosque Nagal to rebuild a rainforest. #ProjectStardogRainforest 

Compostable Phone Case ‚Äď Pela¬†¬†


With more than 1 billion plastic phone cases sold every year, tens of thousands of pounds of plastic are being contributed to landfills and illegal dumping grounds annually. Pela has been hard at work to reduce plastic pollution by offering consumers a more environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional phone case. Pela phone cases are made with plant-based bioplastic, and are perfect for those who want to accessorize their phone sustainably. Each phone case is 100% compostable and free from toxic materials such as BPA, heavy metals, and phthalates. They come in a range of colors and patterns, including engraved graphics! 

Furoshiki¬†Reusable¬†Gift-Wrapping¬†Cloth ‚Äď Anthropologie¬†


The gift that keeps giving! This beautiful fabric gift wrapping cloth by Anthropologie is not only a sustainable alternative to wrapping your gifts this holiday season, but also offers a unique way of gifting presents to loved ones.  Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to cover gifts, transport items, and hold belongings. It’s eco-friendly and provides a less wasteful, more sustainable and reusable way to wrap gifts this year!