When people think of hemp, there is always a natural association with marijuana. And why wouldn't there be? After all, even fashion pioneers of hemp clothing found themselves embedded in the cannabis culture. Who can forget Woody Harrelson rocking out in an all-hemp tuxedo at the 1997 Golden Globes? While Mr. Harrelson was able to transform classy to comfy; he was able to illustrate the benefits of hemp that far eclipse the confines of the red carpet.

Below are just a few examples of what makes Hemp a great material for clothes.


In a world where our carbon footprint has never been heavier, hemp has been proven to limit our environmental stamp. Hemp is one of the highest Co2-absorbing plants and, when compared to cotton, it’s four times stronger and uses 20x less water in its growth and production. With a low dependency on water and little need for heavy irrigation systems, it´s inevitably a huge saving on the world’s water supply.

 Efficient Cultivation

Simply put, hemp is tough, both as a plant and fiber. It can be grown in almost all types of soil, allowing farmers to grow multiple cycles of hemp on that very same land. Top this off with the fact that hemp is resistant to pests and doesn’t need fertilizers. It’s easy to see why hemp would surely be a farmer’s dream.


Hemp clothing breathes well, allowing the skin to feel cool when warm and cool when hot, all whilst absorbing sweat and preventing odor-causing bacteria. It also has an impressive ability to mould to your body shape and get softer after each wash, unlike other fabrics.

 These days, fashion has an emphasis on rapid production and swift disposal, but that doesn’t have to be the norm. If you’re wearing STARDOG´s organic hemp clothing to help the environment, maximize your wardrobe’s life cycle, or just to feel like you’re always lounging; the end result is the same. You’re living in the present. You acknowledge the need for comfort and style. You’re sustainable. And that’s never a fad.