The irrational affection for clothes. And the secret on how to build it.

In every wardrobe there lies a favourite, from the perfectly woven shirt to the underwear you may wear on your birthday. There’s an inexplicable, fuzzy and often irrational reason behind the ‘greatness’ of these clothes. They yield the power to cause conflict between siblings and potentially make you trek across town were it left behind. It’s a feeling that takes time to develop and one that money can’t always buy, its somewhat….an enchantment.

We’re no magicians, but we sure can give you a tip to increase the likelihood of getting that that fuzzy feeling for something. You’ll need something that lasts, that gets more comfortable as you wear it and lastly something you feel proud about every time you put it on. The answer?

Organic hemp clothing. 

Its resistance to UV light, mould and mildew make it a remarkably lasting textile, dwarfing the durability of polyester by 7-8 times. Adding to its endurance is Stardog’s blend of organic hemp and cotton, allowing our fabrics to get softer after ever wash. Affiliation only grows as you find that before you’ve gotten hold of your loungewear, one of our tailors has already spent several hours taking care of the fabric, carefully stitching it all together in Bogotá. 

Give sustainable loungewear a go and you may be surprised about the alchemy that goes on in your wardrobe… 

You can check out our collection by clicking here.