STARDOG (Stawrdawg) noun

1. Happy head high 2. Uplifting effects, help treat stress, fatigue and anxiety 3. Hybrid between  Chemdow 4 and Tres Dawg. verb. To decompres and while down while mantaining focus and energy

We’re a group of like-minded people who believe in the power of organic hemp. This ancient fiber is the foundation of the fabric of the future. Why?  Because of the benefits for you, us, and our planet.

We design the highest quality loungewear for people who call for sustainability, demand transparency, seek quality and embrace style.

We believe that a good design must serve a purpose. Our purpose is to deliver season-less versatile pieces that embody mindful living while giving back to the planet.

At Stardog we feel an inherent responsibility for taking a stand against inequality and unethical practices. This is why transparency is the pillar of our supply chain. Every garment is traceable from its origin to its destination, you, our consumer. Our goal is to change the Fashion Industry; one hoodie at a time.

Fabrics Beyond Comfort

Sustainable. minimalistic. season-less.

At Stardog, we are reframing our connection with nature by working with materials that can easily go back to where they came from. We believe that small changes have a big impact. That's why we believe in the super environmental benefits of hemp.

Hemp is extraordinarily soft on our skin and will get smoother with every wash. At the same time, hemp is one of the strongest fibers which makes the fabric more durable than cotton. As a result, hemp garments will last longer and consequently less fashion waste generated.

Due to the nature of the fiber, hemp fabric is anti-bacterial, UV resistant and breathable. This is were our inspiration to create season-less garments came from, hemp is so versatile that it is thermoregulatory fabric which means that regulates temperature. It helps you keep warm during winter as well as cool during summer.

As if it weren’t enough this super fiber does not require pesticides , herbicides, or fertilizer due to its natural ability to produce its own. As a matter of fact, hemp restores soil nutrients counteracting soil polluted by heavy metals. In other words, hemp “cleans” soil leaving it full of life.

Hemp leads when it comes to saving the planet. One hectare of hemp absorbs 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare. This makes hemp of of the most efficient CO2-to-biomass conversion tools.

Good for You, Us, Our Home (earth)
To: Conscious, mindful consumer

For us, being ethical and sustainable is a way of life, not a trend. We believe that the future of fashion is in our hands. This future of fashion should be mindful and conscious. It should contribute to people and the planet’s well being!

What we put on our bodies should be as important as what we put in our bodies. Our skin is permeable which means that it allows liquids to pass through. Hemp is  hypoallergenic, breathable and safe to put on your skin.

Mindful Practices

People who make all the design ideas come to life should be able to thrive in an environment that does not have any negative effects on people or the planet. The largest and the most important part of Stardog is our workforce. This is why our garments are carefully crafted in our factories in Bogota, Colombia. Our factories have rigorous safety standards because the well-being of our workers is a priority.

We are mindful about where our raw material comes from, where its made and who makes it. We look for suppliers that carry out sustainable practices. Our fabrics are only dyed with oeko-tex and GRS approved chemicals in facilities that run on clean energy carrying high certification standards like OCS, Ecocert Greenlife, and GOTS Standard.